All About Me


What in the world is an "All About Me" page?....

Well, to be frank...I don't know.  Whatever I want, I guess....  I mean, basically, it's similar to a bio, but all about ME, not just musically, but about Dave Solzberg.  Let me tell you about myself....

Before I get started, let me explain that I'll be updating this portion of my website frequently, so I'll be arranging it in numbered entries.  Entry number 1 will always be a "What I've been up to..." type of entry.  Kinda like a current events; both musically and personally.  I'll be updating and changing this entry from time to time.  Down at the bottom (the last entry) is an explanation of "The PUMP"...(if you're confused, skip to the bottom...).  As for the middle entries...well...just read on and find out a bit about how Dave Solzberg works....

What I've been up to...

I recently became an endorsed artist for Epifani Custom Sound ( It's real excitng to know that I'm I'm part of such a talented family.  Being on a list of Epifani Artists which includes the likes of Lincoln Goines, Darryl Jones, Mike Pope, Matt Garrison, Pino Palladino, Christian McBride, Richard Bona, Anthony Jackson, Alphonso Johnson..., etc., is a tremendous thrill, and I'm honored, for sure.  I've finally found "my" sound.

Well, I was recently moved up to director of Rock-n-Roll Teen Camp and Rock-n-Roll Adult Fantasy Camp at DogHouse Music ( in Lafayette, CO.  Think of the movie "School of Rock".  It's exactly like that.  Man, it is such a blast!!!  Gary Lennox is the owner/coordinator.  He's a tremendous person.  He thinks of the "musician" and of the "art" of music before anything else.  Too many folks in this industry seem to forget about what it is that we are all trying to do here.  We need more people like Gary in this industry.  As a matter of fact, Gary indirectly helped with my recent endorsment, and I have a lot to thank him for.

Who am "I"?

I'm currently living about a mile or so east of the continental divide in a cabin at around 9200'.  We locals like to call it "bumblef**k nowhere".  I LOVE it.  The mountains are such a creative, and inspirational place for me.  I'm about 10 min. from Nederland, CO; 35 min. from Boulder, CO; and about an hour from downtown Denver, CO.  I'm close enough to a city that I can freelanse, yet far enough away to breath fresh, clean mountain air.

Motorcycling has been such a huge part of my life.  I've crossed the country more than a few time on bike.  Back east where I'm people go to analysts, and psychiatrists.  I get on my bike, and get lost for a few hours, or day, or weeks.  When I get back, I'm cured!!!  Seriously, the feeling of meditation and freedom I get on a bike is one that is only rivaled by creating music.  I'm currently builing a custom bike.  It was only supposed to be  a quick throw together, but one thing lead to another, and now it's a ground up build.  I'm also a Jeep freak; only older Jeeps though.  I've bee retsoring a '46 Williys, oh, for about 9 yrs;  Don't know if it will ever get done; Don't know if I want to ever get done.  Working on it is almost as meditative as riding...almost. 

I'm socially and politically progressive and conscious.  I won't dive into a political tyrade, but let's just say that I feel our forest could use on less Bush.  Plant some trees, ya know?  Something's gotta change or something's gonna give.  'Nuf said.  I think people should turn off their TVs, and spend more time with their eyes and ears open.  There's too much to see and hear, debate and discuss, argue and agree on....  Let's just say I don't want "big brother" looking over my shoulder.  People need to think for themselves; be free thinkers; speak out, speak up, and be heard. 

Who and what is "The PUMP"???!!! 

Well, if I only had a buck for each time I was asked, "Why do they call you "The Pump", or where'd "The Pump" come from, I'd be a "sushi's on me!!!" type of rich man.  Unfortunately, it's not as cool a story as you might think.  I know what you're thinking, and it would sure be wild if that's how I came to be know as "The Pump"...but it's just not that exciting.  Ya see, it started back in '93 when I first moved to Boulder, CO.  Having a biology background, I looked for a job dealing with science, and I found one.  I worked at The Institute of Behavioral Genetics.  In order to get into the labratory, I needed to shower with a special soap, and get into surgical scrubs.  Every time I left the lab, I needed to scrub up again in order to get back in.  I was still smoking at this time (I have since quit...October 11th, 1997 at 7:36 am to be exact...but who's counting) and between leaving the lab for lunch and smoke breaks, I was showering about 5 times a day.  I had long hair at the time, and we all know what overshowering does to hair.  Well, mine became straw, and started to knot up...dreadlock.  I got dreads from being too clean!!!  Isn't that kinda like an oxymorn?  Oh yea, I forgot to mention that before moving to Boulder, while still on the motorcycle trip, I hooked up with a person at a hostel, and ended up traveling with her for a bit.  She put 7 braids in my hair.  Well, with all this showering and straw hair and dreadlocks, all 7 braids turned into one big "mat" of hair.  Thus, the nickname of "Mat" began to emerge.  "Mat" logically turned into "Dish Mat".  So here I am, new to Colorado, and I'm meeting people as "Dish Mat".  This just was not working for me, ya know?  Needless to say, I HATED it!!  So, what else to do?  I combed them all out.  It took me a few days, but I got them all out.  It was all for naught, however, since 2 weeks later all the dreads reformed.  This time I just figured that the universe was telling me that I was supposed to have them, so I let them grow.  Much to the dismay of my buddies at the time, "Dish Mat" could no longer work.  Ha, I won!!!  Or so I thought....  One of my buddies had a frat brother (or something like that) whose nickname was "Dishdog".  Hey, it rhymed with "Dish Mat" whay not give it to Dave.  With a little altering, "Dishdog" became "Dish Dawg", and thus, my newly acquired name.  Ugh!!!

So here I am...playing and touring with a group as "Dish Dawg".  I was almost fine with it...until...Snoop Dogg.  Good 'ol Snoop Dogg.  This was around the time that Snoop Dogg was just hitting the scene with his big hit...Snoop Doggy Dog (well, that was the chorus anyway. Sing it, and it will make more sense...).  By now the group that I was touring with was introducing me on stage while singing "Dish Dawg".  It just made perfect sense to put "Dish Doggy Dawg" in place of the lyrics of "Snoop Doggy Dog".  All's good.  But ya see, the background track on the Snoop Dog tune is a sample from Goerge Clinton, which is "The Pump" sung by a really low bass voice.  Obviously, when I was introduced on stage, "The Pump" needed to be said after "Dish Doggy Dawg", right?  One thing lead to another, and I eventually was just introduced as just "The Pump".  I couldn't stand it!!!  It was like finger nails on a black board whenever I was called "The Pump".  I asked the group not to introduce me as "The Pump" anymore.  Of course, this was just an invitation for "The Pump" to become my name off stage as well.  ARG!!!  It pissed me off!!! 

That was '93.  Many folks still have no idea who Dave Solzberg is.  I'm "The Pump", right?  I've since learned to appreciate...even like, "The Pump".  Hey, it's not such a bad name for a professional bass player, anyway!  It could be way worse, I guess.  So call me what you will....  I'll answer you either way!!!!